The X Series Paintings

After living on the north shore of Maui for 15 years and recently returning to Texas, I have become keenly aware of the attachment and loss that follows when one leaves a place rich in natural beauty.

Each painting is not a specific place geographically, but a memory of places, past and present. These works begin with acrylic and oil paint and marker. Most of the collaged elements sourced from images of previous studio work are then assembled. Paintings, works on paper and sketches representing the “perfect imperfection of nature” seen throughout Hawai’i. The collaged elements, once a complete picture, are now reduced from their original context and added to while changing into something new. Just as one’s perception and memories of a place change over time, these paintings are renewed pictures of time, past and present.

The place one inhabits becomes a large part of one’s identity. An identity that must adjust and become (re)defined as one abandons one place for another. In these X Series Paintings I build upon memories both old, new, and fading. A contrast informed by what is now and what once was. Until finally it becomes something completely new again. And with that, Series X is created.

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