The X Series Paintings


During the fifteen years of living on Maui, my daily connection with the many forms of nature was profound and yet over time became ordinary.  After my routine studio time, most days were left with deciding which water activity I would be doing.

Then with the return to Texas and its forgotten urban life, it became a study in contrast to what we left behind.

The transition and profound feeling of loss was always present leaving a place so steeped in nature’s beauty.

Memories of a place soften with time.  The familiar becomes a distant memory.  New experiences overlay old.

Each piece in this series is not a specific reference to any one location, but rather a collection.   A mix of memories both fresh and yet still unknown.  All a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of our perception.

The work embraces this transformation. It delves into fading memories, stirs the aliveness of the present, and delivers something entirely new.

With the X Series, this has become my recorded journey of rediscovery.


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The S Series Paintings

For this new work, my process began with having custom-made sculptural wood panels created to my vision.  These panels became the starting point for my exploration of shape, texture, and color.

With the use of acrylics and oils, brushstrokes were varied widely to achieve movement and emotion.  In each composition, fragmented imagery unites to develop a dynamic interplay of form, texture, and color.

With a deliberate dance between order and chaos, the high-value contrast and the combination of colors and textures along with geometric and organic shapes serve to enrich the visual landscape across each surface of this series.

Central to my process is the thoughtful curation of each element to harmonize with the other.  Thus, each composition is not merely an individual work but a part of a cohesive series, inviting the viewer into a world where every element and every brushstroke narrates a story of visual intrigue and engagement.

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